Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

We assume you really don’t like when the phone rings at dinnertime announcing useless solicitations. How about when your mailbox is filled with speculative sales offers, or your inbox gets flooded with junk mail?!  Well they didn’t get your phone number, address, or email from us!  In fact no one will get any of your personal information from us. 

Why? Because we treat people the way we want to be treated.  It’s actually one of the reasons we started the Belted Cow Company; respect for the customer.  So when you entrust us with your personal information to place an order, sign-up for a newsletter or just reach out to say “Hi” we protect that information like our own.  We won’t sell, give, barter, trade or otherwise misplace it.  Our servers employ high tech security provisioning, and our network meets stringent PCI security standards Should you ever have a concern or questions, please feel free to call us.